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Non contact Thermometer
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Infrared Pet Thermometer EFT-162

Features of Infrared Pet/ Animal Thermometer

1. Three-color backlight (Color Alarm)
2. 0~300.0℃(32.0℉~572.0℉)
3.can use for human body, bath water, boiled cake, cold food,  PET/ Animals etc.
4. 3 color LCD Display, for fever Alarm
5. Time Clock Functions
6. Alarm Temperature can be set.
7. Wide measuring range, 0℃~100℃

Specification of Pet Infrared Thermometer UV-8809

Measuring Range: 
Surface: 0~300.0℃(32.0℉~572.0℉)  
 0.0℃-31.9℃: ±1.0℃/(32.0℉-89.4℉:±1.8℉)
Unit:     ℃/℉can be Changed by Pressing Button.
Memory:   50 Memory Storages
Measure Time: One Second.
Auto Shut-off: 7 Seconds without Operation
Battery: AAA battery x 2
Battery Life: Appro.5,000 Times, Inspect Low Voltage of Battery any Time.