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1.Technology advantages?

P&C Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd has many unique advantages on Infrared Thermometers. We are the the material supplier of most of thermometer manufacturer, we supply Infrared thermometers solutions, chips and finished products. We have all core technologies in the field of thermometers.

2. Manufacturing capacity and Quality advantage?

P&C Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd set up new production base in Dongguan,more than 3000 Square meter dust-free workshop, five production lines, four Calibration rooms, Annual output is more than one million pieces Infrared thermometers . P&C has passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality standard system and SO14000:2004 international environmental standard system. 

3. product range?

P&C Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Infrared thermometers. During passed years, we have accumulated rich experience in Product R&D. Now we have Infrared forehead thermometers, Infrared ear thermometers, digital thermometers, Voice infrared thermometers, Bluetooth Digital thermometers and Animal thermometers etc. New Designs, New functions, new advantages, we can supply more and more selections for our agents and partners.

4. What’s about the Delivery Time?

Depending on the circumstances, in general, 15~30 working days for 1000~5000 pieces after confirming payment. 

5..Can the P&C forehead thermometer harm you in any way?

No,  P&C forehead thermometers does not sending out any waves or heat at any time. It only acts as a receiver of heat